Since 2012 when Bede Sixth Form opened over 500 students have passed through and two thirds have pursued university places studying and specialising in a wide variety of fields throughtout the country. We have had our second year of graduations and love hearing news of their next steps. We also have a number of students who have served apprenticeships. Each pathway has opened up to a career pathway and exciting opportunities. After the years of hard work leading up to GCSEs, our Sixth Form offers you the unique opportunity of preparing for adult life, whilst still being able to take advantage of the personal, social and cultural opportunities which only a school can offer. For those aspiring towards university, Bede Academy provides the very latest facilities for study within small class sizes alongside increased freedom for personal study. Coupled with this freedom is the support mechanisms of individual tutors, pastoral care and daily routines which provide the securities necessary to help you to achieve your personal best. Whether university, an apprenticeship or work is the next step – the values at Bede are firmly aligned with what future employers are looking for. Furthermore, we provide leadership opportunities where the eldest students lead the younger years through prefectship, house captaincy, reading mentor schemes, ports coaching and, most of all, by personal example. By creating this balance between personal security and increased freedom, students at Bede are able to take on more responsibility for their future success, while still having strong support systems in place for when they need them.


At Bede, this means the freedom to balance study with music, drama, sport, community service, publications, work experience and sharing the care of younger students with the staff team. Whether planning for work, training, university or just life itself, these are the things which help you to grow as well-rounded people and which best prepare you for whatever lies ahead.


As you read these few pages, we want to offer you the opportunity of studying in the best and most modern facilities in the area, safe in the knowledge that we have the experience of knowing how to bridge these important years between youth and adulthood.







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