There are many ways in which the House system seeks to recognise student achievements. Students gain recognition for out-of-academy activities through Presentation Events, House Assemblies, on the House pages of the website, through House Newsletters and in the weekly newsletter to parents. Digital screens throughout the academy also display student achievements. In assemblies, certificates, medals and awards are given out in recognition of success and effort and to inspire others.  On a day-to-day basis, students gain House Points individually, and prizes are given to reward students gaining the highest number of House Points each term. House Points are awarded to recognise where students are demonstrating the academy’s core values, through the quality of their work, through determination to learn a new skills or through notable acts of kindness to others, for example. Rewards include celebratory lunches with the Head of House, and family vouchers for a meal out or treat.




House Points

House points (formerly known as GOLD marks) are our day to day merit rewards. These are awarded for students who display characteristics in line with the academy’s core values. These contribute to the academy’s House competition, and are also linked to individual rewards.

Pastoral Merits

Heads of House and Assistant Vice Principals can give House points for students who are consistently good in attendance, punctuality, uniform etc.; looking in particular for students who would otherwise perhaps go unnoticed.

Post Cards

Post cards or letters of commendation sent home to parents.

Principal’s Race Night

Tutors in Year 5-9 nominate students who have shown consistent effort and have modelled the academy’s values but have not been rewarded in other ways.

Sent to Senior Staff

Students who produce outstanding work can be sent with the work to the Principal or one of the Vice Principals to be congratulated.

Special Commendation

Students can be nominated for Special Commendation for outstanding initiative or service and would receive a certificate at Assembly.

Principal’s Commendation

Awarded at the Principal’s discretion for outstanding performance or contribution to the life of the academy and recorded in the Study File.

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