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Welcome to our school, albeit it via the virtual world of the internet. May I take this opportunity to give you a brief introduction to the school. Grace College is an 11-19 secondary school serving nearly 1200 students in central Gateshead. The school is committed to creating an outstanding learning community where students excel in their academic, cultural, co-curricular and personal lives.



Grace College joined the Emmanuel Schools Foundation (ESF) in April 2019 as the fifth school providing a holistic education focused on developing character in and beyond the classroom. In joining ESF the school has aligned itself with the mission of the Foundation to: provide the environment for students and staff to have an opportunity to work hard to achieve their personal best; encourage personal, moral and spiritual development within a Christian framework; and   create and sustain educational environments where everyone is equally valued.



The College is committed to assisting the economic regeneration and prosperity of the local  area and the wider region of the north-east, and to improve the quality of community life through our work with young people. We aspire to impart wisdom to the next generation by   educating young   men and women in a school culture which prioritises the pursuit of   knowledge and the development of character. We serve a diverse community of students, staff   and parents holding   many different religious and ideological positions who unite around our core beliefs and core  values, which are underpinned by our Christian ethos.

We value academic excellence, but we hold personal best to be of far greater importance.  It is our experience that by developing a strong work ethic, holding a growth rather than  fixed mind-set, and being provided with outstanding tuition, students may go on to achieve considerably more than they might have imagined possible. We seek to be intentional about character education, our aim being that our students will, in the future, become servant-hearted leaders. Students starting here encounter consistent rules, role models and traditions, which will help them feel part of the college community and will enable them to take responsibility for others. As students move on from each year to the next we expect more of them and in the Sixth Form expect our students to take on at least one formal leadership role in the college as well as beginning to serve in the wider community.

Our hope is that all students leave the college as well-rounded, qualified individuals who are able to articulate a viewpoint and back it up with substantial knowledge and understanding. Our firm intention is that each student will be encouraged to achieve

As a school our aim is to provide similar scope for the development of our staff. We wish to actively seek opportunities for colleagues to collaborate and develop professionally so that each person develops further capacity to enhance the lives of others. These links are readily available with colleagues across ESF and through our connections with other educational institutions.

It is our firm intention that every person connected in some way with the school will find the interaction to be a real time of opportunity! If you are a parent or carer, we want to forge a close connection with you so that together we can ensure students receive an exceptional secondary education. For each student, we hope they will grow and develop becoming the young adults they and all their family are rightly proud of. And for each member of staff we intend that this school is a place where they are able to share their knowledge, experience and express their talents.


Thank you for visiting our website. I trust that you have found the information you require. If you share our commitment to education and would like to find out more then please contact us to make arrangements to visit the school. I look forward to hearing from you.



Mark Hall

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