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We are a school with a distinctive Christian character but our community is made up of students, staff and parents who hold many different religious and ideological positions and unite around our core beliefs and core virtues.  In short, our school is a school where everyone is welcome. I believe that our ethos is liberating because it provides both a framework for knowing both about and how to live in our world.  The Christian gospel is a message of hope, redemption and transformation that makes a difference to how we see ourselves and how we live.


We value academic excellence and each year see many of our students leave to take up places at some of the world’s top universities, but we hold personal best to be of far greater importance and exist for young people of all abilities.  It is our experience that by developing a strong work ethic, holding a growth rather than fixed mind-set, and being provided with outstanding tuition, students may go on to achieve considerably more than they might have imagined possible.


We see moral excellence and the development of character as an end in itself.  We seek to be intentional about character education, our aim being that our students will, in the future, become servant-hearted leaders.



Students starting here encounter consistent rules, role models and traditions, which help them feel part of the Emmanuel family and to begin to take responsibility for others.  As students grow older we expect more of them and in the Sixth Form expect our students to take on at least one formal leadership role in College as well as beginning to serve in the wider community.


Most character development takes place in the classroom where students learn to take responsibility for their learning and then later, to develop intellectual discipline.  However, the co-curricular life of the College provides essential opportunities as the training ground for leadership and service, as well as enabling students to attain excellence in sport and the creative arts alongside building strong and lasting friendships with their peers.  All Emmanuel students and staff members can expect to be involved in at least one co-curricular activity.  This programme is of course augmented by the many residential activities that take place each year, many of which you will find information about here.


I do trust that you will enjoy exploring our website and getting to know us a little better.  Of course, it is only by visiting Emmanuel that you will truly get a feel for the place.  Each year we hold an open evening in the Autumn for children in Year 6 and then in the Spring term for prospective Sixth Form students.  In addition, we are always keen to hear from like-minded colleagues from other institutions or from those interested in working with us in the future.  Please do not hesitate to contact us should you wish to know more.


Matthew Waterfield


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