Personal Development Week: Day 1

Personal Development Week: Day 1

And we are off! Personal Development Week 2024 is up and running.  

By 10.00am on Monday morning, students from five year groups were already:

YEAR 7:  watching a drama presentation from the Environment Agency; improving our local environment at Isabella Heap & Crofton Fields; absorbing the serenity of Holy Island;  baking bread, supporting the biodiversity of our site; and creating a flashmob of celebration.  In fact, what weren’t they doing?

YEAR 8:  arriving to explore our local heritage and community at the Discovery Museum and Jesmond Parish Church.

YEAR 9: throwing themselves into the fiesty but fair competition of Sports Day, inspired by our morning’s thought from Christians in Sport.

YEAR 10: learning about personal resilience and the resources we have to help in the face of challenge.

YEAR 12: practising interview skills and refreshing understanding of consent in personal relationships.

Whether it is getting their hands dirty, exercising their creativity, or opening their minds the to the richness of their local community – Bede students are full of drive today: building their personal skills and giving back in full measure.

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