Personal Development Update: 24/05/2024

Personal Development Update: 24/05/2024


As we see news stories about the shortage of NHS dentists – or have even struggled to find treatment for our family – we are very aware of current issues around dental health.  To help our younger students prevent such problems, today’s session reinforced teaching from home about why and how to take care of our teeth.  Students learned the science behind tooth-decay and the importance of oral hygiene to our long-term health, including even memory.  It was a fascinating reminder that what they were taught as toddlers really matters and will make a difference throughout their lives.


Today, Year 8 heard some very valuable information from two organisations dedicated to the well-being of young people in Blyth.  Firstly, Karen from Carers Northumberland made sure our students understood what makes someone an official carer.  After this, she informed them of all the support and opportunities provided to support young carers across Northumberland.  This ranged from one-to-one support, to cards which provide free or subsidised activities across the county.  

Following this, Amy from Barnardos told us about the new SWAP provision in Blyth.  These are after school sessions with activities, working space and even food provided to give young people somewhere to be after school or between school and any clubs they might attend.  The provision has been designed in consultation with young people from Blyth, and sounded like something many of our students could benefit from.  The links and flyers attached provide further information for families to benefit from these excellent initiatives in our town.

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