Personal Development Update: 21/06/2024

Personal Development Update: 21/06/2024

YEARS 7 & 8: Value Each Other – World Refugee Week

As a School of Sanctuary, Bede has marked World Refugee Week with dedicated assemblies and activities.  We are proud to have welcomed students from many nations, which they were forced to flee in the face of dangers most of our students could barely imagine.  Today’s PD sessions, reminded everyone that seeking refuge is never a choice and that about half of the world’s refugees are under 18.  In this way, we asked our students to consider what they would feel, leaving behind the only homes they have known and what we can do to help make Bede a welcoming new home for everyone.

YEARS 9 & 10: Inspired for Your Future – Northumberland County Council Long-Term Plan for Blyth Young People Consultation

Today’s session was a potentially life-changing opportunity for Blyth’s young generation to have their say in the future of their town.  Four members of the Northumberland County Council’s Regeneration Team visited to explain the options (called ‘buckets’) for deploying our £20 million share of the national ‘town’s grant’.  The ‘buckets’ ranged from investment in community recreation, commercial property improvements, cultural activities, to transport and business investment.  Students were asked to show how they would share out the funding, by allocating stickers in proportion to each ‘bucket’.  They were also asked to give more specific ideas of the things they wanted to change, valued most, and would like to see in their town.  Even though all the students in the talk are too young to vote in the coming election, this excellent session gave them a voice in shaping their future.  It was fantastic to see them step up to this responsibility and opportunity – there are exciting things to come.

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