Personal Development Update: 17/05/2024

Personal Development Update: 17/05/2024

Personal Development time this Friday offered a range of advice and experiences for students across all year groups from Year 7 to Year 13.

Year 7 have recently completed their first set of secondary examinations and will be receiving their results.  Their session therefore provided some good advice on managing stress, relaxing in healthy ways, and staying well mentally and physically.  They should certainly take some time this weekend to put it in to practice and deserve their rest.  We hope they all have a lovely time with family and friends.

Year 8 received the talk on rail safety from Network Rail expert Mark Ellis.  As new services come to Blyth, it is vital that our students understand the risks around trains, tracks, level-crossings and even station platforms.  This session certainly gives them that awareness and, along with reinforcement from home, should make sure all our young people can benefit from the investment in Blyth whilst staying safe.  Please do ask them about the stories and information they heard today.

Year 9 had time preparing for PD Week and the opportunities this brings in Duke of Edinburgh training for some and visits to Newcastle mosque and synagogue for all.  Personal Development Week is an incredible time of new experiences, widening horizons and serving the community.  This preparation session will give them the knowledge and understanding necessary to get the most out of their visits and, in the longer term, build important community bonds.

As Year 11 complete their final GCSEs, Year 10 step up as the seniors in Key Stage 4 and as such will receive even more guidance and support to achieve their personal best.  Today’s REV123 session therefore helped them reflect on their recent examinations and plan appropriate next steps towards this goal.

Year 12 students are now moving towards their final year of schooling, with key qualifications from A Levels to T Levels ahead.  Independent study is key to success at this stage but it can be challenging.  To support them, Dr. Sams has provided advice and strategies on study and effort and the proven psychology behind them.  Evidence shows that attendance, attitude and effort are the key determinants of success.  These activities help our students see this is true, and should provide motivation that everyone can achieve their goals with the right application.

Year 13 have begun their exams and are preparing to move beyond Bede.  Today’s PD session was therefore an important final moment of advice on managing exam stress, staying well, and keeping a sense of perspective.  Delivered by the inimitable Mr Harrison, it offered memorable words of wisdom in the spirit of care and support we hope Bede students will both benefit from and show to others in the years to come.

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