Personal Development Update: 10/05/2024

Personal Development Update: 10/05/2024


Today’s Personal Development session was one of the most important our students have had this year.  The region’s new railway line is an incredible investment in our children’s future, but it also brings danger if the risks are not understood and respected.  Chloe Creffield, from Network Rail, today expertly outlined these dangers.  For example:

  • the out-dated idea that a coin placed on a rail track will be flattened – it will actually be shredded into razor-sharp fragments from which people have lost their sight
  • the danger of speed and stopping distances that are so great we cannot judge them so must always respect timings at level-crossings
  • the fact that a pet dog on a rail track will have a far greater chance of staying safe if we do not confuse it by trying to rescue it – and that we will stay safer too.
  • the myths that there are safety spaces under platforms or between train tracks

As well as pointing out such risks and misconceptions, Chloe explained how much support our rail services have in place to keep us safe.  

This excellent session left us in no doubt about the impact rail dangers can have if not taken seriously: the impact of train drivers and rail workers; on young people; and on families – the very reason Chloe does this job.  

Please ask your child about what they have learned today.  It is vital information for the safety of our whole community – and they are now the best informed among us.


As our Year 10 students see Year 11 begin their final exams, their own come to feel much closer and more real.  To help them prepare, we are keen that they have support for their well-being as well as their work.  In truth, the two go hand-in-hand, and so we asked Kooth for a bespoke support session around exam stress and anxiety management.  Expert advisor, Michael Brioude, provided timely guidance which, if followed in conjunction with working steadily, will enable our next Year 11s to do their personal best in 2025.


This morning, Year 12 received information about the exciting opportunity of National Citizens Service.  This incredible chance for service, new experiences and personal growth is open to all Year 12 & Year 11 students.  It is also very well-funded and so truly open to all.  Many previous Bede students have taken part and thoroughly enjoyed their NCS.  Today’s PD session gave many more the same amazing chance.

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