Personal Development Update: 05/07/2024

Personal Development Update: 05/07/2024

Year 7: Careers Northumberland

Today, Year 7 heard some very valuable information from two organisations dedicated to the well-being of young people in Blyth.  Firstly, Karen from Carers Northumberland made sure our students understood what makes someone an official carer.  After this, she informed them of all the support and opportunities provided to support young carers across Northumberland.  This ranges from one-to-one support, to cards which provide free or subsidised activities across the county.  

Following this, Amy from Barnardos told us about the new SWAP provision in Blyth.  These are after school sessions with activities, working space and even food provided to give young people somewhere to be after school or between school and any clubs they might attend.  The provision has been designed in consultation with young people from Blyth, and sounded like something many of our students could benefit from.  The links and flyers attached provide further information for families to benefit from these excellent initiatives in our town, especially over the summer holiday.

Year 8: Value Your Well-being: Staying Safe: Road Safety

Government statistics show that despite increased road safety measures such as 20 mph speed limits around schools, road traffic accidents are the leading cause of hospitalisation for school-age children.  In fact, the number of children injured on roads in the North East has risen in the last two years.  While the fundamental responsibility for safety lies with the drivers on our roads, we cannot leave the protection of our children to them alone.  Therefore, this PD session alerted students to the risks of careless drivers to the best ways to avoid these, and to the precautions they can take not to put themselves at risk – such as not being distracted by phones or pushing and taking risks around roads.  We know that our students are growing in maturity and responsibility all the time, but a healthy reminder that we are all vulnerable to risk and need to take care of ourselves and others, is always worth hearing.

Brake | The Road Safety Charity

Year 9: Value Your Well-being & Each Other: Staying Safe: Police Education Team: Knife Crime

Very worryingly, the changing reality of modern life has put knife crime awareness on the school curriculum.  Whilst we do not wish to alarm any of our students and know that the vast majority of them will not encounter any such risk, it is still important that they are taught how to stay safe and keep others safe.  For this reason, Darren from the Police Education Team today spoke to Year 9 about the many reasons not to carry knives, that it is not a form of protection but in fact increases risk, and how to report concerns.  The session concluded with the reassurance that Northumberland and Blyth are not high risk areas for this form of crime, and that the maturity and wisdom of the next generation will help it stay that way.

Year 12: Value Your Future: Bank of England

The education offered at Bede opens doors to a vast range of careers.  Today, Year 12 heard from Andrew Hebden, who lives locally but works for the Bank of England.  He explained the role of the Bank in the British economy, his own career path, and the many different roles available in the financial sector. It was fascinating to learn that two thirds of these roles are based outside London and present immense opportunities for any of our students interested in this field.  We are really grateful to Andrew for his outreach to Bede and the interest shown by our students in what he had to say.

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