Personal Development: 19/04/24

Personal Development: 19/04/24

Bede’s Personal Development lessons last Friday covered our usual range of really important and really interesting subjects.

Year 7 heard about the incredible resources available through the Kooth website to support students’ mental health and, crucially, build their resilience.

Year 8 studied the false and often harmful impressions and expectations we can form about relationships through film, music and even gaming.  They learned that the reality of a truly good relationship is trust and companionship, not the ‘romance’ and definitely not the drama.

Year 9 focused on men’s mental health.  We looked at how, as a society, we achieved equality by making sure girls don’t have to worry so much about how they look – we have just put the same pressure on boys!  This is another serious subject and puts boys at risk of low self-esteem and even steroid abuse as they try to reach unreachable standards.  We hope our boys will take the pressure off themselves and accept that, male and female, we deserve to be judged by our characters and our actions – not superficial and artificial appearances.

Our older year groups were fascinated by the topic of ‘Future Families & Fertility’, as we looked ahead to when they might choose to have children.  In recent lessons, they have considered what circumstances are most beneficial to meeting a child’s needs.  In this session, they looked at the best ways to stay healthy to make sure that, when the time is right, they are in the best possible position to start a family of their own.

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