Bede Academy’s vision is for excellence in character, in community life and in curriculum excellence. The Academy encourages each student to develop a strong and purposeful work ethic, seek their personal best and to put their unique gifts to good use. We believe that these underlying principles will provide a solid foundation for a successful and fruitful life. Our aim is to raise the aspirations of our students, opening their minds to a world of possibilities.

Examinations can be a stressful time for students and parents, and it is important that all those involved are as well informed as possible. The rules and regulations set by the awarding bodies are designed to ensure fairness and minimise disturbance and it is in the interest of all that examinations run smoothly and without incident.

Bede Academy will make every effort to ensure that students receive the best possible preparation for their examinations, that the administrative arrangements run smoothly and that the examinations are conducted in a way that will cause as little stress as possible and help students to achieve their best.

This page contains the latest information about exams, including statutory guidance and notices provided by JCQ (Joint Council for Qualifications).  Additionally, you will find information about forthcoming exam seasons and exam timetables for forthcoming exams.


15 – 26 April 2024

Year 10 Internal exams

07 – 10 May 2024

Year 7 Internal exams

09 May – 20 June 2024

Summer external exams

10 – 14 June 2024

Year 12 Internal exams

26 June 2024

Contingency day (all Y11 & Y13 students must be available to sit their external exams up to and including this date)

15 August 2024

A-Level results day

22 August 2024

GCSE results day

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