Our ambition is to enable students to develop a lifelong commitment to physical activity and healthy lifestyles. We want them to be able to cope with the demands of their environment, build resilience, physical confidence and leadership qualities. We want students to flourish in character and excel in sport.


As we identify the key knowledge students should master in sport, we think carefully about how we want students to think as athletes.  We want students to: 

  • Be reflective about their own engagement in physical activity and their health
  • Apply their knowledge of tactics and strategies to improve performance of themselves and others
  • Evaluate their own performance compared to previous ones and demonstrate improvement across a range of physical activities to achieve their personal best
  • Be able to work with others and to take on leadership roles within lessons


The sport curriculum is sequenced around the following key concepts:

  • Physical me
  • Social me
  • Cognitive me

Subjects include GCSE PE, BTEC First Sport and BTEC National Sport.

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