Our ambition is for students is to appreciate art as a unique way of conveying meaning and purpose in a visual language that transcends the barriers of other forms of communication.We want students to be confident in their critical understanding and analysis of a wide range of art forms and genres, and to use these to express themselves through their own artwork.


As we identify the key knowledge students should master in art we think carefully about how we want students to think creatively as artists and designers. We want students to:

  • Develop contextual understanding and visual language through critical evaluation of the work of other artists, designers and crafts people from a diverse range of cultures and backgrounds.
  • Explore and experiment with a wide range of materials, methods, techniques and processes, transferring skills across a diverse range of media.
  • Confidently use a range of media, techniques methods and resources to realise their own ideas and intentions, articulating the meaning and purpose of their work.


The Art curriculum is sequenced around the following key concepts:

  • The formal elements of Art and Design
  • Contextual understanding
  • Practical skills


Subjects include GCSE Art and A-level Art

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