Bede Decide their 2024 Election

Bede Decide their 2024 Election

With Britain’s national election only 3 weeks away, Bede continued our focus on the British Value of Democracy in PD time.

Having been reminded of the structure and importance of our democratic systems last week, today saw the launch of the actual campaigns.  Students have come forward to stand as leaders of four major parties in our Bede mock election.  This PD session gave them the opportunity to speak to our voters through their own campaign videos.  In the style of a news bulletin from the Bede Broadcasting Corporation, students heard about key events from this week on the real campaign trail and then each Bede ‘party leader’ summarised the main promises from the Conservative, Labour, Reform and Green party manifestos for their prospective electors.  

There was real interest and engagement from the students in every tutor group, with many wishing to stand as ‘local candidates’ in their tutor groups too.  ‘Chief political consultant’, Mr Shackleton is organising events and ensuring fair play and anyone wishing to stand as a candidate or attend one of the  debates should give their name to their tutor to pass on.

With the election now up and running, the sense of healthy competition is strong, helped no doubt by top ‘sports correspondent’ Miss Lee also launching Bede’s Euro 2024 tutor group competition and the excitement of Sports Day to come.

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